One Step From Falling is a conduit for a rare breed and style of music baptized in the name of Heady Metal. Since 2011, they have captivated, mesmerized, and surprised audience after audience with their unique sound, and energetic live performance. Cumulative streaming plays in 2016 flowed beyond the tens of thousands and digital sales graced ears from coast to coast and internationally.  


The Heady Metal outfit is set to release their third album, a full length titled ‘Stuck’ in Mid Spring 2018. ‘Stuck’ features a blend of well received songs and ground breaking ideas that best showcase what Heady Metal really means. With this 2018 album release, One Step From Falling has another Heady Tour lined up. Not only is there a tour, but there is a complete transcendence of the Heady Metal brand to blossom in 2017. 


A stronger flavor of Heady Metal and an undying fragrance was released upon the world in 2015. One Step From Falling released 'THE WAYSIDE' in April 2015, which was recorded at SubCat Studios in Syracuse, NY. The first single, 'Wayside' had a tremendous response on radio and internet, and is the feature of the music video featuring #WAYSIDE2015 Tour footage.  A follow up single release of 'Man From Outer Space' garnered much of the same fiendish response. Both songs are on regular rotation on Syracuse’s 95X. The single ‘Wayside’ was voted the number 1 song in 2015 in the widely recognized 95X countdown. ‘The Wayside’ album was a runner up as Best Hard Rock album in the 2016 Syracuse Area Music Awards (SAMMYS: Syracuse’s own Grammys). Better yet, the group gained notoriety as they competed for TouchTunes’ Breakout Band. ‘Wayside’ is available on TouchTunes jukeboxes everywhere in America.  


The successful release of One Step’s sophomore EP, entitled 'Some Day', dropped on the air waves, Fall 2014. The self-titled EP (OSFF), in addition to the 'Some Day' and 'The Wayside', as well as many other singles have had continuous requests and airplay on Syracuse’s 95X; "If It Rocks, It’s On 95X!"


One Step From Falling continues turning heads while touring the East Coast, from the Northern Country down to Gasoline Alley and across the Midwest to The Music Factory. When they’re not in the studio, the four-piece relentlessly spreads the seed of Heady Metal week after week-from the bar to the festivals-with the clubs sprinkled in between that have seen history made overnight.


Three Days Grace, In This Moment, All that Remains, Five Finger Death Punch, 10 Years, Finger 11, Kill Switch Engage, Wayne Static, Powerman 5000, Trivium, Trapt, Pop Evil, Edisun, Boy Hits Car, Shadows Fall, Otep, Green Jellö, Wayland, Earth Crisis, Crobot, Otherwise, 40 Below Summer, Dog Fashion Disco, Eve To Adam, Motograter, American Head Charge and Knives Out are just a few of the bands that have had the pleasure to share the stage with the trademark that is One Step From Falling.


A dynamic, palate-teasing the senses-separates One Step From Falling as just another cookie-cutter band. After concerts, music enthusiasts and first-time listeners alike flock to the meet and greet area to buy out One Step From Falling merchandise, insignia, and CDs; autographs and duplicates are in high demand to take home to friends and family, ensuring the far reach of the brand that is One Step From Falling's HEADY METAL


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One Step From Falling members have official endorsements through Source Audio, Soul Tone Cymbals, and Explore Apparel. Additionally, live and in the studio, they use Ibanez, Warwick, Boss, Gallien-Krueger, Mesa/Boogie, Marshall, Crate, Paiste, Pearl, Mogami, Erni Ball, DR Strings, Gator Cases, Chauvet and more!

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